Helpers status

Detailed profiles and status

On, our helpers have the ability to create detailed profiles that provide information about their individual experience, qualifications, certificates, motivation and availability.

Depending of the level of precision of the helpers profile, they will get different level of status :


Once registered on, each helpers profile will be audited. Our customer service checks for inconsistent information and inappropriate content for each helper. It is only after this verification that the profile will be online on and will get an « Approved » status.


One step forward approved status you will find « Verified » status, which means that the helper has been audited by Teorah plus he did provide ID documents and certificates.


The best status on Teorah’s range is « Certified » status, which means that the helper has a very complete profile, including every ID documents or certificates plus very complete informations as description, experience and skills.

Above all, the notations and reviews remain the best way to check the quality of the helper and make your own choice.